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I have completed reading your Mobile Master 2 Millions for the first time. It is filled with suggestions and ideas that I am anxious to begin implementing in my business. It will be a valuable guide that I will continue to use as a reference. Being from the “older” generation I found some of the ideas to be intriguing and the possibilities for the future are so exciting. As we move away from the traditional types of marketing I am constantly searching for cutting edge ideas to launch me into the mobile and internet world. I appreciate the work that you and your team have done for me in the past and look forward to an exciting future using your expertise to help me along the way.  I would recommend Cheryl Lynn International to anyone looking for solutions to your Mobile and Local Internet Marketing needs.

Joanne Lystar
Green Energy Consultant               ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“I rank Cheryl Lynn as one of the top Mobile and Local Internet Marketing specialist and trainer out there today.”

I was so impressed with the results Cheryl gets for me when I do absolutely nothing with my website.  Cheryl and her team set up my website based on keyword research because my business name was taken and I have been ranked #1 on Google, surpassing my competition, for over a year now. I’m glad I had her put me on the web!  Rubbish to all these expensive advertising costs such as yellow pages, spectator ads, etc.   Cheryl has saved me so much money!   Today, I have more business than I can shake a stick at and Cheryl’s brilliance and knowledge in this field shines consistently.  I highly recommend you to hire Cheryl for your Mobile and Local Internet Marketing needs.

Maria Pavao
Gold Star Catering



“I find it to be the most comprehensive book that I’ve read on the subject. Extremely complete!”

~ Carl Robitaille <>


This book is great for anyone looking to increase their foot traffic. With today’s latest technology, it can be daunting. But Cheryl’s easy style makes you want to jump in where you are and get started.

Virlane Torbit


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